About Us

Viktoria Flavel is a ‘Non-Dieting’ Dietitian.  She has extensive knowledge, experience and expertise.

Growing up in a Greek family who are farmers, love food and cooking, and my desire to learn about nutrition drove my passion to pursue Dietetics as a career. After completing a Bachelor in Biomedical Science (Majoring in Immunology and Physiology), I decided to further my studies by completing an Honours degree in Physiology looking at the effects of Caffeine and Energy drinks on Cardiovascular function.

I then completed my Master’s degree in Dietetics and Nutrition at Flinders University. I trained with some of the most respected dietitians at the Royal Adelaide hospital in Diabetes outpatients, Cancer, Pulmonary, Cardiovascular and Stroke as well as General Outpatients.

I completed my community placement at Elizabeth GP Plus Health Care Centre, where I conducted healthy eating programs, cooking classes and presentations. I also did food service placement at Glenside hospital assisting with meal planning, food supply and catering, food handling and safety etc. I have since worked as a private clinician at Tristar Medical Group Mildura, AEP Health Group (3 years) and have done contract work on and off.

Throughout my life, and years of working as a dietitian, I noticed and experienced many individuals struggling to maintain long term changes to their diet by trialling many diets that didn’t meet their specific needs. This prompted me to do further training in the non-dieting approach by Dr Rick Kausman (link), motivational interviewing, behavioural therapy (changing habits), the non-diet approach for dietitians by Fiona Willer, etc.

I believe in educating clients and empowering them with knowledge to then foster lifelong skills to eat a healthy balanced diet for their individual needs (which goes further than just nutrients, and includes skills for cooking/sourcing food, cultural/ethical needs, environmental, genetic, social, psychological/emotional, taste preferences etc.) I enjoy working ‘with’ my clients and together forming and encouraging goals to provide the best outcomes for them.

As a health professional my learning, education and practice is forever evolving and adapting.   It’s part of why I love this field.

If you’ve tried the fad diets and had little success, I’m here to help you be happy and healthy.